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In 2007, theytalktome resolves to...
Buy new pirates.
Take evening classes in oxford.
Find a new boromir.
Apply for a new emo.
Connect with my inner wine.
Spend more time with my marius.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

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Link-hopping from freya_9's latest post, I discovered this journal and realised you are Becky and, um, hi. Am going to add you as a friend, even though this will give you access to so much pretentious introspection you will never want to speak to me again ever, much less be gay rep with me. (Do you still want to do that? I'm already mentally planning the homosexual extravaganza that will be Gay for a Day.)

Heather xxx

Hello! I've added you back :) Obviously I still want to be gay rep with you :) And yes, GAY FOR A DAY!!! or GFAD.

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