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Warning: This may contain capslocked Becky.
I'm ill. I think I have TB but no one else does. *woe*  I also have a new hair cut. I don't like it, it makes me look like a boy.

Anyhow I came on here because I needed a rant. I watched the BBC version of Dracula last night and it has made me angry.
Ok, I started watching it and I was like, hmm Whitby, more like the book than the other film with Keanu Reeves in. So I settled down to watching it. THEN it turns out Arthur has syphillis. At first I was like, woo syphillis but then WTF???? HE JOINED A CULT AND IT WAS HIS FAULT DRACULA CAME TO ENGLAND?!?!?!?!?!?!?! SINCE WHEN?????? So it turns out Arthur was evil. And where was Qunicey and Reinfield? NOWHERE. I can sort of understand Quincey but not Reinfield. *headesk*  AND THEN OMG THEY MADE VAN HELSING INTO A MAD SNIVELLING OLD MAN WHO LIVED IN THE CELLAR OF THE CULTS HOUSE. WHY??????????????????????? I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! AND THEN HOW THEY KILLED DRACULA AND ARTHUR DIES BY GETTING HIS HEAD TWISTED OFF. NOT COOL STUPID BBC.
God I hate it when movies or TV RUIN BOOKS. Like LOTR, with Faramir and Aragorn falling off the cliff randomly, when there was no need, and infact no cliff  should of been there, it was placed there specifically for one of the main characters to fall off and it was out of place.AND in HArry Potter when they change the colour of Hermionies dress FOR NO GOOD REASON and Prof. Quirrels turban. WHY DO IT??? WHY???? Don't even get me started on Captain Correlis Mandolin.

Rant over. I hope you all had a nice Christmas, can't wait until Saturday, woo fun!!! BUT I have so much work to do and so little time to do it in. Am going to fail my collections :(

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Van Helsing was kidnapped by Dracula because Dracula wanted to kill him so he didn't warn english people about him but he had a crucifix on. Eventually, Dracula sent him as a messenger to England (why didn't he just escape on the way?? Mind control??) and cultists locked him up in the cellar because he knew too much.
Or at least, that was what seemed to be the reasoning for that part.

Did you see the muppets anniversary thing last night? in one of the final clips, Kermit was the guest speaker at The Union!

And there is no way you're giong to fail collections. I haven't started revision yet - i'm still doing the organosilicon bit of organic, so i've got the spectroscopy tute, physical tute and the difficult half of the symmetry stuff to do :S
As well as QM.

Hope you have loads of fun this weekend :)

hmm I'm not convinced about the collection thingy. I have most of the spectroscopy to do, all the physical, and I have to write up the bonding in molecules. Also, I have forgotten how to calculate Rf values, could you remind me how? Or help me in 0th week? Bloody lab work.

Don't get me started on Corelli either
Love you

Urm, Rf values i actually made up when i last had to do them... i made an approximation of dividing the length of (bottom line to splodge) by length of (bottom line to top line - where the liquid finished up just before you took the thing out of the container).
I don't know if this is correct but lab dude didn't notice my figure being off so as long as it's between 0.3 and 0.7 and to 2 d.p. i don't think that they actually care.

is the colour of hermiones dress and that turban really crucil to the story line? although i agree with the others not that i have read most of them or enjoyed either the film or the book of lotr

No! Exactly! The point is it doesn't matter so they could've just kept it the way it was. Plus she would have looked better in blue.


I trust you do not mind me friending you? I was seated to your left during the Picard lecture today.


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