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It's bloody cold. I went to town today to do my xmas shopping and then round to Char's. Warning to anyone, DO NOT have Domino's meltdown pizza unless you actually want to set on FIRE, we had it seeking to warm ourselves up (with that and vodka) but dear lord, never again. Also as part of my xmas shopping I accidently bought myslef some leg warmers. Oops. But on the plus side, my ankles are warm. they will go well with my footless tights (which are the way forward :P)

I have set up myself an impromtu desk in the middle of the living room floor which is suceeding on letting me watch tv, work and annoy my brother all at once! *mwhahahaha*. Work is getting done slowly, but I don't know how I'm going to finish it all before we go back especially as I am going to Wales, Bath and possibly London (the gay!) this holiday. Oh dear.

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Footless tights are NOT the way forward. They are a massive and shameful step back. To the eighties. Where no-one should want to be ever.

I can just imagine how annoying you're being, a desk indeed! My sister was watching tv really loudly at the ungodly hour of 9:30 this morning - through 2 doors, it sounded like it was in the room with me. That's how annoying.

They so ARE the way forward. Nought wrong with the 80's, for it produced me! And you infact! So neh.

People were tarmacing the road ouside my house at that time yesterday LOUDLY. Not only did this wake me up but it als otrapped me in the house for the day!!! (Well it didn't but there are now foot prints leading from my door, forever immortalised, there were also swearing builders, not forever immortalised)

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